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I’m Afraid of Gaining Weight While Quitting Smoking

You probably didn’t start smoking to control your weight. You probably noticed one day, when it was too late, that you became addicted to tobacco. By getting hooked on cigarettes, you started smoking more and more, which had an impact on your metabolism: it burn around a hundred more calories per day.

However, is clogging your body with tobacco smoke the best way not to gain weight? Perhaps are you telling youself that There are Worse Things than Cigarettes? Just remember that tobacco smoke is a toxic and carcinogenic mixture of more than 4,000 chemicals.

Nicotine can affect weight in three major ways.

  1. Cigarettes significantly reduce your sense of taste and consequently the desire and pleasure of eating.
  2. Cigarettes reduce the sensation of hunger.
  3. Nicotine artificially stimulates your metabolism, which makes you burn about a hundred more calories per day.

These effects may seem beneficial, but smoking becomes very taxing on your body over time.

  • Deterioration of your overall health;
  • Poor absorption of nutrients essential to your health;
  • Diminished oxygen flow to all cells with the following negative outcomes:
    • reduction in the body’s capacity to repair itself (injuries that last longer, premature and deeper wrinkles, adverse effects to vital organ, etc.);
    • less energy... leading to less desire and capacity to move.... leading to less energy output... leading to a greater probability of gaining weight.

Although there is no magic recipe to lose weight, it's totally feasible to keep a healthy weight while quitting smoking. Every day:

  • move as much as you can (and the more you move, the more you’ll feel like moving);
  • eat a variety of quality foods;
  • drink water regularly.

You’ll find reliable and practical information about this on the following Canadian websites:  EatRight Ontario, Dietitians of Canada

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