Your Mental Roadblocks

I’m Afraid Life Will Become Boring

Many smokers have reported losing interest in many things when quitting smoking. In some cases, a strong feeling of depression set in to the point that the only solution they could envision was to begin smoking again. This reaction is not due to a character weakness but a physiological problem. To avoid needless guilt, know that:

  • smoking weakens the functions of the brain responsible for sensations of pleasure and well-being. So your brain is dependent on nicotine to the point that pretty much all you thought, felt and did up to now has been associated with cigarettes.
  • some people are weakened by nicotine more than others due to genetic predispositions and living conditions.

The following actions help your brain return to its normal functioning and well–being not dependent on nicotine. Rest assured that your brain has the capacity to reconfigure itself for the better.

  • identify the things that make you happy or that would make you happy and do them as often as possible, if only for a minute ;
  • do whatever makes you laugh or gets you moving;
  • see a doctor, pharmacist or nurse to determine which stop smoking medication would be most effective in helping you gradually get out from under the influence of nicotine;
  • surprising as it may seems, practicing daily one or more of the I QUIT NOW exercises will help a great deal also.

If, despite all your efforts, you're still feeling down, don't hesitate to pay a visit to your doctor or mental health professional. You might be prescribe a medication to help you through this rough patch but this is far better for your health (physical as mental) than to resume smoking.

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