Your Mental Roadblocks

I’m Afraid of a Relapse

This is normal - especially if you’ve tried several times.

Here’s an explanation of the difference between a lapse and a relapse when quitting smoking. This should help you see your past experience in a positive light and confidently take your next steps in breaking free from cigarettes.

A lapse is when you take two or three puffs of a cigarette or one or a few entire cigarettes. BUT:

  1. You understand that it’s like when you’re learning something new- you make mistakes, you stumble, and it takes several tries to succeed.
  2. You are able to analyse what happened, examine and understand why it happened, and reign yourself in!
  3. You continue to make concrete steps like going back to the strategies and tricks that work well for you and using the support of your friends, specialists of other I QUIT NOW Services indicated on this site, and the help of site users.

Keep this phrase in mind as a cry of freedom for smokers:

*** To fall down is human; to get back up is divine!


A relapse is when you do the same thing but you are unable to stop yourself...

You allow your emotions, negative judgment of your abilities or guilt to take over.

  • You no longer believe in yourself and you’re ready to abandon all the efforts you have made up to this point.
  • If this happens to you, tell yourself that you’re still a winner: you managed to get that far! You’ve learned something new. What you now need to learn is why you relapsed and how you can survive this kind of situation next time you decide to quit smoking.

If this happens to you again, tell yourself you’re still a winner: you made it to this point and learned a lot along the way! You need to figure out why it didn’t work and find a way to get through this type of situation the next time you decide to free yourself from tobacco.

In the other section of the site, THAT’S IT, I QUIT! you’ll not only find new and effective tools for letting nicotine cravings pass, but exercises to help you get back on track if you ever relapse!

But before going to this next section, take the time here to work through your roadblocks and rebuild your confidence and determination to free yourself from cigarettes once and for all!

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